The following companies are currently under Incubation at Electropreneur Park

     Arogya Medtech Pvt. Ltd.      
Cerebros® : A  low cost , Portable, Multi modal (NIRS+EEG/EOG) Neuro-imaging and continuous at point of care enabling early detection of  brain injury/Trauma and
 stroke using big data analytics on cloud platform


Ceantra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  Connected Vehicle Platform that enables Monitoring of Vehicle Health,Better Road Safety and Data driven Online Driver Marketplace.

Intuitive Scientific Research & Evolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Multi-featured women safety IOT wearable which includes features of SoS message, audible alarm and self defence.

Resonant Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
IOT based , Wireless, Retro-fit , Energy Audit & Control System. Offering Customizable Central Load Control and Advanced Analytic Dashboards for Energy Optimization

Starbru Techsystems Pvt. Ltd.
Tactical android wireless data card (TAWDC) can be interfaced with Indian Army radio for sending images

Stemrobo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Creating  multiple electronic development and learning kits to be used in schools and institutes for skill development in  ESDM sector. 


Fitnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Developing a range of safety IOT wearable for children, elderly, women and pets.

Univlabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Developing  a range of medical equipment and accessories for Endoscopy and Laproscopy

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